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At Your Service, Inc. provides the service - YOU realize the savings in money and time.

At Your Service, Inc. offers a wide variety of services to our clients. YOU, our customer benefit from our expert knowledge of the changing industry, and our "can-do" attitude, with YOUR total satisfaction as our standard of excellence.

By using At Your Service, Inc. you eliminate the expense of the following items and are guaranteed professionally attired and service oriented staff:

  • Recruitment:
    Eliminate the high cost of Help Wanted advertisements and all the time spent fielding phone calls, screening piles of applications, and interviewing candidates, just to find a few employees. Factor in the cost of training. We start your savings right away by handling all areas of recruitment for you.
  • Personnel Administration:
    Reduce labor expenses and increase accountability and control over personnel issues. At Your Service, Inc. continually monitors our supervisors and staff to measure service skills, overall performance and customer satisfaction. We can create a staff pool of requested individuals and honor any request not to send back an employee.

  • Payroll Administration:
    Lower the cost of computing hours and wages and the cost of payroll checks and reports. At Your Service, Inc. handles all aspects of payroll administration including all payroll related taxes.
  • Employment Security:
    Reduce the possibility of costly unemployment claims. With the seasonal nature of our industry lay-offs or just lack of work are real issues. At Your Service, Inc. carries unemployment insurance for all our employees. With fewer employees, and fewer claims filed, our customers benefit from lower unemployment insurance rates.
  • Insurance:
    At Your Service, Inc.
    assumes all responsibility for required taxes and insurances protecting our clients from any liability. We carry worker's compensation insurance on all our employees. As the cost of worker's comp continues to escalate, this offers our clients enormous annual savings.
  • Uniform:
    Eliminate all expenses for furnishing and maintaining uniforms. At Your Service, Inc. requires all employees to purchase a full tuxedo, bowtie, cummerbund and black shoes, providing uniformity of staff. Uniforms are inspected and monitored throughout their employment.
  • Scheduling:
    Eliminate hours on the phone attempting to book staff. One call to At Your Service, Inc. puts all staff on the same page regarding the event schedule and other details. We handle the changes that can occur with numbers dropping or a "pop-up" function.
  • Cost:
    Eliminate hidden expenses. The cost to our client is always a constant. Regardless of increases in unemployment rate, taxes or insurance you can be sure of your labor cost


More reasons to call At Your Service, Inc.:

  • Our friendly and experienced management team offers event planning assistance to help you determine the number of staff required and optimal report times, as well as fine-tuning adjustments as the date nears, to ensure a smoothly operated and cost effective function. We are also accessible by pager for your last minute requests.
  • Our completely computerized database provides continuously updated staffing lists, staff time sheets and easy to follow invoicing. If you prefer we can send your statements and invoices by email.
  • Our onsite supervisors, qualified and experienced in running any size function, can serve as your liason and manage your event from the initial set-up, to staff check-in and supervision, through breakdown. We will always check-in on all parties with 20 or more staff reserved.
  • Our managers make personal calls to our clients to learn more about your specific needs. Your total satisfaction is our standard of excellence.
  • Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!

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